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Snow Peak, why do you make single wall and double wall cups?

First of all, we are very very happy to introduce Snow Peak to our assortment. Not only because it fits in with our love for Japanese well crafted goods, but because it fills a void of things we've never had before.

So what's up with the Snow Peak products we've received so far?
Let us introduce a couple of them…

Hozuki Lantern Snow

SNOW PEAK Hozuki Lantern Snow

This lantern has more than 1, 2, 3 or 4 different ways of being used. You can use the hook for hanging it, you can use the hook for stability when standing it on a table, you can super easily adjust the length of the string, there's a dimmer, there's a candle light function and more! It's so nuts that we added a short film at the bottom too.

Field Barista Coffee Grinder

SNOW PEAK Field Barista Coffee Grinder

The coffee grinder. Now, in one way this thing is pretty straight forward, but at the same time it would be unfair just to say it's a coffee grinder, because it's so damn nice. It perfect for when you really want to show that coffee bean love, wherever you go, even if that walking only leads you to the kitchen. It has the ceramic grinder, which, of course, is adjustable so that you can get that grinding just the way you want it. It's sturdy, easy to use, easy to pack. It's amazing.

Titanium Double Wall H200 Stacking Mug

SNOW PEAK Titanium Double Wall H200 Stacking Mug

Some of the most classic and well recognized things from Snow Peak are the cups. Made from beautiful brushed double walled titanium. Maybe it's obvious to some, but double walled means that there are two walls (inside and outside walls) with air in between. This is for insulation which keeps your coffee warm and prevents the outside from getting to hot to handle. No need for an ear to hold onto. Win win win!

Titanium Single Wall 450 Mug

SNOW PEAK Titanium Single Wall 450 Mug

Alright, so why do want a single wall mug from Snow Peak when you can have the double wall? That seem bonkers. Well. What happens with the air between the two walls in the double wall mug if you put that directly on the stove or fire? Air getting warmer will expand. If you heat the double wall mug up on let's say a stove or open fire, the mug would break.
The single wall mug you can put directly on the stove or over the fire and cook things with, which is super nice if you're out camping or if you just want to brag about the possibility.


Hozuki Lantern 2.0 from Snow Peak on Vimeo.