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What's up with orSlow fatigue this fatigue that?

So, you've probably seen a 100 different fatigue pants, fatigue shirts, fatigue jackets etc, from a 100 different brands.

You might think that the shirt you just bought is tired and needs a good rest before you start wearing it, so you leave it in the wardrobe for 2 weeks before trying it out and looking fly. Let me tell you this: You can wear it as soon as you buy it, no problem whatsoever. It is well rested before it even hits the shop floor.

So why the heck are you calling it fatigue this and fatigue that? We all know that the definition of fatigue is: temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work.
Do I have to be tired myself before I go buy my new orSlow Fatigue Pants?

Yes, that is one of the definitions of the word fatigue. There are a few other definitions however, and one of them makes a 100% sense. This one: labor of a nonmilitary kind done by soldiers (cleaning or digging or draining and so on). syn: fatigue duty. Which means, these are the clothing military personel was wearing when not in combat, but doing boring tiresome work!

The versions we carry from orSlow are made from a beautiful 100% cotton reversed sateen, which means what it says, the sateen fabric has been reversed, or turned inside out, with the "ugly side" out and the "nice side" on the inside. In reality the ugly side is the nice side. It has this uneven texture, almost a melange vibe, which makes the fabric come alive instead of being plain. You can see some close up pictures below!

orslow us army fatigue shirt green

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