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Why should I definitely get Sunray Sportswear?

Now this is why you really should get yourself one or all Sunray :)

sunray sportswear cotton

Yes, the cotton used in all Sunray Sportswear garments is recycled cotton. Even though it might be the biggest reason apart from the absolutely superior quality, it is most definitively not the only.

sunray sportswear hangtags

Yup, the paper is recycled. Yup, the ink is natural. Yup, the printer used is carbon neutral. Bom bom bom!

sunray sportswear neck labels

And they didn't stop there. The damn neck labels are recycled polyester! Could you go any further than this, you might ask yourself? Yes.

sunray sportswear wool

You know the little fabric that attaches the hangtag with the garment. That little thread. Yes, that one. Sunray Sportswear didn't settle for anything else than making those from free running Dartmoor sheep wool. Honestly next level sustainability, beyond compare. 

Oh, you thought we were done?! Hahahaha. NO!

sunray sportswear packaging

Sunray Sportswear ships all the garment to us in one of these. No, it's not plastic and it's not paper. I honestly don't know what it is, but it's compostable, and that's really really good too :)

All of this is tied together with the fact that the quality is superior. They last longer than any other tees and sweaters we've ever come across. They don't do graphics and such, because that could cut the timelessness, and that would make shorten the lifespan. It's a great choice style wise, it's a great choice environmentally. It's a thoughtful choice. We truly love Sunray Sportswear and the wonderful people behind it!

sunray sportswear thoughtful