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The story of the 105 from orSlow; a modern classic, made in Japan.

It took 3 years of trial and error to complete the orSlow original 105 Standard fit 5 pocket.

Not too tight, not too wide, easy to mix and match, button fly jeans. Woven by an antique shuttle loom using an uneven custom yarn, creating the wonderful orSlow original denim fabric.

orslow 105 standard denim fit

Ichiro Nakatsu, the founder and designer of orSlow, tells us that he loves motorcycles, cars and outdoors products made in 1940's and into the 70's. It's the same with vintage clothing.
This love translates into his own design and production. The sewing machines he uses are Singer and Union Special, and he also takes care of the maintenance of these machines himself. 

orslow 105 standard fit | Meadow

The so-called "antique" machines do not always produce an exact product, there are variations from piece to piece. But these small variations that accidentally happens due to these old machines are also what is attractive in orSlow's garments. This is something modern machines could never replicate. It's the soul of the product. A fair comparison is that of the difference between human and computer.

orslow 105 standard fit | Meadow

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